Sunday October 25,  2020



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Santa Paula Church of Christ (SPCC)
The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert & of sober mind so that you may pray
(1 Pet. 4:7)

My favorite spiritual discipline is walking “The Prayer Labyrinth.” A prayer labyrinth is “a place to walk and pray...It gives you the freedom to walk around while focusing your mind on God...” There are three movements to the labyrinth: Moving inward, Centering, and Moving outward.

MOVING INWARD: A time to cast off, discard, divest, unwrap and forget.

Discard our many roles (father, mother, wife & accountant) simply say “I am.”
Leave the din, demands, voices around us and enter a time of silence.
Unload our guilt, resentment, failures, depression, shame & forgive ourselves.
Set aside all the things we think we want & need, in the hope we find what God wants.
Choose to ignore all our ideas [about religion] and seek to become a child [of God].
Reject the anxious desire to get the most out of [prayer] and simple be empty...

CENTERING: A time to center on JESUS
Take the risk of recognizing an emptiness in ourselves that only love can find.
Enjoy silence, stillness, waiting & simplicity of nothing happening.
Take time to listen to an inner voice or to nothing ...
Contemplate the blessing of the hidden nature of God who cannot be fully known ...
Consider ... the new, miraculous, the transfiguring [Jesus] entering our lives.
Remember the Holy Spirit.

MOVING OUTWARD: A time to gain direction ... and new energy [evangelism].
Decide to continue to Journey deeper into the love of Christ.
Refuse to take up the guilt of self-hatred of the past.
Seek a simpler & more focused life.
Rest in the knowledge of God’s unconditional love.
Move away from anxiety toward peace & faith.
Seek the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Praying & exercising is a great spiritual discipline. Try it.

Worship services are scheduled for 9:00 AM (Spanish) and 10:45 AM (English). 

We meet at 276 W. Santa Paula Street. We practice social distancing and wear masks to protect each other and our honored guests. Don’t forget our 6:30 PM, Wednesday 6:30 PM Zoom class. If interested in our class call us for the meeting ID and password at (805) 525-3645, or email us or investigate website at

May God Bless
Dr. Robert Perez, Minister