Ramon Castillo-2/4  

Kristie Marlow-2/10 
  Ray Blaskey-2/12  

Peggy Russell-2/13 
 Gloria Ary-2/13  

  Rey Jiménez Sr.-2/15    Samantha Gonzalez-2/26    Yolanda Torres-2/27

Wedding Anniversary
Ramon & Patty Castillo-2/5


Surf Camp 2019

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​​Faith In Our Community

Surf Camp 2017 

Church of Christ sponsors a yearly Surf Camp for 2 nights at Ventura State Beach where high school students participate in activities that include Bible lessons, devotionals, team building, & surfing. 

Summer Beach Devotionals

Church of Christ sponsors 3 beach devotionals during the summer.  All ages are welcome to come & enjoy friends and faith.

Israel Mission & Church Trip 2019 
The Perez family & other parishioners traveled to Israel to visit the beautiful & holy country. 

​Surf Camp 2019 
Even more high school students participating in Bible lessons, devotionals, team building, & surfing. 


Santa Paula Church of Christ 

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February  Birthdays

Israel Mission & Church Trip